Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Matter Gay Straight or Bi!

So I did this online test thingy...

It's sort of like the Kinsey Scale, but different. As you can see it lists my past, present, and ideal sexuality and emotional/physical sex level.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guess Who's Gettin' Laid?!?


F here, this weekend my parents are going out of town and I invited my fireman friend over. Should be another interesting time with him! I also might be hooking up with my ex girlfriend some time soon. She mentioned that we should "hangout" again sometime soon...

I'm excited!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Partyin' Partyin' YEAH!

F here,Last night I went to a house party and had a blast...sort of.
I met this one gay fellow who immediately started hitting on me. At first it was kinda cool, we grinded to some music and then he said "I'm sorry..." I was like "for what?" and then he leaned in and kissed me. It was a full on kiss with tongue and everything. Again I was
like, oh that's pretty awesome!

buuuuuut then it got a little annoying especially since I didn't even find him that attractive. I went up to the bathroom and he of course followed me in. We peed (he sat down :S) and then we made out some more. Headed back downstairs and made out even more. At this point people started getting weirded out and leaving the room, which made me feel really awkward. He kept telling me that he only wanted me and asked if I liked him more than one of the other guys. He was really getting on my nerves and everyone else could tell.

Around 4am people were starting to get tired and he wanted to take me up to a room to be alone, but I had enough. I pretended that I was starting to pass out and he kept trying to wake me up. I was originally going to stay over, but now I was thinking that I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night with a dick in my mouth. Ended up ditching him and driving home. Too bad I added him on facebook before I realized he was a clingy freak...

Here he is flashing some sort of gang sign:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Things with my cute date, we'll call him G from the other night got interesting fast. Friday I was a little drunk, and he picked me up after the bar and we had a ton of fun together... in his truck hahaha it was so high school. I loved it. He's so sweet and fun to hang out with, and a reaally good kisser. Sunday, we had another date we just hung out and we were making out and honestly I was amazed at how well he knows what turns me on already, he knows what he's doing.. its intimating! But he's currently out of town today

In other news! hottie cop texted me:) and it was steamy
ooooh man I'm excited

I also have another date for tomorrow. But I think I'm done rebounding for now I'm going to focus on school and myself a bit more, we'll see how it goes lol


Friday, March 25, 2011

J Update:)

I LOVE that S can put all of those events into point form. Obviously he's male!

So much is happening and it's been a lot of fun :) ..... I met a hottie cop, S has a firefighter, B better get on a paramedic and we'll have our own emergency services team!

I've been on a couple dates this week, the guys are all nice and I had an alright time. I really don't want to get into anything serious or have a 'boyfriend' for a while. I told one guy this, and he reassured me it was fine and we could just fool around.... I don't want to just fuck every guy I hang out with either. I should probably figure out what I want ehh.

Last night, I met a boy:) he looks totally tooo cute for me, he looks like a hotter version of Trey from the OC. But we had such a good time, and he was super adorable and soo sweet. I'm kinda crushing, which voids my earlier statement of not wanting to get involved. Him and his best friend are super cute together and I'm so jealous, I totally miss having a bestie that I can hangout with and call all the time and gush about cute boys to. There was a lot of good moments I had fun, I get home and take my coat off and he messages me asking how I think it went... aww. Then we talked about the date he told me I was really pretty annd he asked if I'd like to do it again! :) I kinda like that, cause he isn't playing games. It was like, we had fun lets do this again, plain and simple.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FWB's? Boyfriend? Something Else?

F here,

So a lot has happened since my last post...

- I got a GF!
- Had sex with a female for the first time!
- I broke up with my GF! (actually it was a mutual thing)
- I hooked up with the Fireman again!
- Had sex with a male for the first time!
- I came out to my parents!


- Now I'm seeing a guy...sort of...

He's amazingly easy going, fun, smart, normal...but...
He's going away in 4 months...
to France...
and he'll be gone for 9 months.

So it really doesn't seem like a good idea to start a relationship right now.
The only problem is we're both really into each other and to me it feels like we're already in a relationship. I see him almost every day and in the back of my mind I think, why am I getting close to this guy if I know he's just going to be gone in a few months.
I suppose once he's gone maybe my feelings will change and I'll be able to move on until he gets back, but it's going to be difficult.
I think for now I'm just going to try and enjoy my time with him and not think about the future :)

- F

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the single life

Is it wrong to thank an ex for breaking up with you?

I honestly was inlove with my last boyfriend and thought he coulda been the one, we were so happy together and things really worked BUT it was also really hard because of the distance. That was the biggest issue and it was ultimately the reason we broke up. Looking back I see maybe we weren't meant to be soo I'm just going to have fun and live my life, the single life!

I'm pretty sure we're all single now, J B and S!

SO now that I'm single and having fun and not whining because I'm in a relationship where I see my boyfriend once a week I'm going to blog more! Mostly because, these last couple nights have been fun :) I'm not over my ex, but I'm ready to move on and have a good time. So a couple nights ago, I went for coffee with a guy and it lasted a few hours. We drove around and had a really nice time. Later when I was home he text me and told me that next time we should cuddle and watch a movie. He was totally sweet and complimented and I had a good time buuut I'm not sure I want to make it romantic. I definitely don't want a relationship, just fun. So we'll see how that goes. I'm happy to be excited about something!

Tonight! I was bored on msn, I've been sick and I'm kinda restless from staying in the house. So I'm talking to this guy and his pictures look kinda cute, I'm not really sure. Hes funny and hes suggesting we hangout, it was pretty late so I was like nah I'm going to pass for tonight.... thenn like 2 hours later hes on his way to pick me up and we're going to watch movies at his house because he is the worlds best cuddler and will heal my sickeness with his cuddles. This sounds promising. I'm definitely not going to fool around with him or anything though, so I think. His profile says hes not into 1 nighters and he's over that stage. I get in the car and o m g he is HOT. Like right away, I'm rethinking my 'not going to sleep with him' idea. hmmm. Soo we cuddled for hours, he was soo cute and really funny. He was engaged before. This is still blowing my mind, being 21 and having already been thru an engagement that was called off, thats intense. SO obviously he says hes looking for a relationship but he's had his heart broken and he is an empty feeling-less boy. So I'm like screw it I don't want a relationship, I'll blow him. LOL he kinda mentioned that his dick was small, but it seemed decent, he was totally self conscious about it which is definitely lame. Then we cuddled more, and joked around it was fun, he had a cute laugh. He was pretty smooth and he made his way into my pants and OMG he was the best, his hands were incredible I was excited to see what his dick could do... So we cuddle for a bit more and hangout in his bed... then well, we had sex and I was like yeah this has got to be amazing if earlier is any sign. WRONG, blah. Little disappointing BUT he was really fun, and hot so all in all, it wasn't bad. I'm sorta interested to see what happens with his though.

The question is... when do I cross the line from fun single life, to slutty?